T.I. appeared on Thursday night's (May 13) episode of 'Larry King Live,' where he opened up to the CNN anchor about the events leading up to his recent jail sentence.

The Atlanta rapper had a frank heart-to-heart with King, explaining that threats to his safety prompted him to seek protection through weapons. "It came from an attempt that was made on my life," T.I. said. "My best friend had died in my arms and that kind of caused a state of depression and paranoia. My judgment was jaded, and I felt my life was in danger... At the time, when I felt the need to have these things, I never took into consideration the legalities; I only took into consideration the protection of my life and my family's life."

Tip explained that after having time to reflect on his actions, he has now put the events behind him and plans to remain solely focused on his work and his family. When probed about whether he has fired a gun at anyone, T.I. would only answer that he has shot a firearm "at range."

"The main thing I can do to protect myself in the future is to understand my position," Tip said. "I can't put myself in an environment where it will require me to have a handgun. I just stay places where I can be cool. I have security now...I take full responsibility for everything that happened to me. I'm a full believer that your life is what you make it. Society doesn't owe you anything."

T.I. was sentenced to one year and a day in prison after an October 2007 arrest for attempting to illegally purchase firearms. In December, he was released to an Atlanta halfway house, where he remained until his release in March. Check out some footage from T.I.'s 'Larry King Live' interview after the jump.