Lately, whenever there's been a topical issue involving racial or political strife, especially concerning someone in the greater hip-hop community, T.I. can always be counted on for an honest, often scathing response. In fact, he's prone to do so via social media, standing up for the likes of the downtrodden or wronged in the name of social justice. However, he's also one to categorize the actions of certain celebrities as he sees it, from an outsiders point of view, in a very matter-of-fact way. His approach to a question about baseball legend Sammy Sosa's skin bleaching habit was no different, saying the choice was one borne out of a dark place.

In a recent exchange with TMZ, the veteran rapper didn't mince words when talking about the retired slugger, who is best known for his home run-hitting exploits with the Chicago Cubs. After waving the question away when it was asked by the cameraman, he eventually got a one-sentence response to the question out: "It's self-hate." As per the gossip outlet's investigation, the baseball star's complexion has certainly changed over the years, with his darker skin slowly disappearing from view over time. Apparently, there's only one interview where he's addressed it on the record, blaming the lighter tone to his skin on the unexpected visual impact the lighting in a venue had on his skin softener cream. Most haven't taken that explanation at face value, but judge for yourself via the side-by-side comparison below.

[Image via TMZ]

T.I. was also asked if he was going to be involved in the upcoming Xscape film project, something he denies being involved with at this time. Of course, his wife Tiny is a member of the group and also currently in the midst of splitting from T.I., although divorce papers haven't been finalized yet. Tiny told Hot 97 back in October that, "We just have a lot of love for each other. A lot of years in it too, it brings us back to being on a certain page that we just can't keep running from. We can run from it for a minute and be like, 'Ugh I'm through with him, I don't care nothing bout it,' but then love comes back and I'm like, 'Let's co-parent, let me talk to you about this.'"