T.I.'s Instagram feed is a cluster of reposted memes, inspirational quotes, support for fellow rappers and, occasionally, a peak into his personal life. Following posts of a fun fact from Altanta's Trap Music Museum, a photo of Nipsey Hussle holding Grammys and a video of Joaquin Phoenix's BAFTA acceptance speech, Tip shared a shot of himself and his wife, Tiny. The couple has been riding together for a long time. As rapper J Stone commented on their pic, "Y’all the Definition Of Loyalty." 

When you've been together that long, partners learn how to communicate the things about each other that bother them. T.I. decided to confront Tiny about a recent incident of her ogling his booty, which apparently made him uncomfortable. He also decided to do this in front of an audience of 11 million followers. His Instagram post shows him and Tiny walking through a hotel lobby, as Tiny, a step behind her husband, appears to be looking at his butt. "@majorgirl keeping her eyes on da goods... Somebody please tell her my eyes are up here🙄," he wrote in the caption. Tiny defended herself against this accusation by commenting, "That jacket is nice." A top comment on the photo makes a good point though: "She looking at what’s hers."

Last week, in the wake of Kobe Bryant's passing, T.I. shared posts expressing his love for his wife and his children. He also offered an apology to his daughter, Deyjah, which many interpreted as amends for the recent hymen controversy