T.I. is a vocal supporter of Black Lives Matter, and he's doing his best to correct misguided takes on the movement. Today, he's decided to check Floyd Mayweather, who made the questionable decision to use the phrase "All Lives Matter," and give the advice, "follow directions, follow order. Don’t give nobody a hard time.” 

Tip has addressed the boxer on Instagram, calling his remarks "socially irresponsible, inconsiderate, and insensitive." 

From there, he asked Floyd to acknowledge his role as a leader, and take responsibility. "Don’t get so lost in personal possession or individual achievement that you lose sight of the things that are larger than all of us," he said. "Freedom, equality, justice, human rights,qualities of life that have been withheld (or given out sparingly) from our people for generations (400 yrs approximately)."

He then criticized Floyd's suggestion that "it’s not right what is going on in this world on both sides."

"Oppression knows no neutral ground," argues Tip. "Either you’re the oppressed,or you’re the oppressor. What side would you like to believe you’re on?"

In closing, he assured Mayweather that his advice was to be taken respectfully, "Just know I ain't looking to clown you,I'm just trying to enlighten you,hoping that with better insight you can use your powers for good," he wrote.

Read T.I.'s full address below.