Lil C Note is a 12-year-old rapper from Georgia who recently got booked for felony charges after police found him selling his CDs in the Cumberland Mall in Cobb County. According to cops, C Note was warned previously to not sell his tapes in the mall but according to his lawyer, he wasn't even distributing his music at the time of his arrest. 

"Seriously like I really wake up every day asking myself why would this police officer tell these Ludacris /ridiculous stories on me that now have me having to go to court facing a felony at 12 years old," C Note wrote of his arrest. "As if I’m really a robber, killer / Murderer or some kid that cuss out and fight police officers or something! Like I’m just so for real I just don’t understand why a man would do this & have me going through all this!!"

T.I. has now come through to point out a serious example regarding the case, comparing C Note's charges to that of Nataliia Karia who only received 10 years probation for hanging a toddler in her daycare. "Give a 12 year old prison time for selling CDs And a middle aged witch probation for hanging a baby?!?!?! #ThisISAmerica #USorELSE✊🏽," Tip captioned an image of both headlines side by side. 

You know what they say, This Is America.