Around the beginning of August, "The Brew Podcast"'s list of the "Top 50 Greatest Rappers of All-Time" began circulating around social media platforms, infuriating many and sparking debates. Many responded by constructing their own rankings to try to remedy the fact that "The Brew" had placed Joe Budden at #3. The T.I.-founded Trap Music Museum in Atlanta partook in this activity.

While TMM posted their revised list on August 7, T.I. thought it would be fun to make it the topic of discussion on the latest episode of his podcast, "ExpediTIously." The DIME TRAP rapper started his podcast at the beginning of September and it shot to #1 on the Apple Music due to his highly-opinionated nature and the high-profile guests he has had on (such as, Young Thug, Alex Jones, Nick Cannon). 

For the "Top 50" episode, Tip brings in Big Bank Black, Ace Boogie and Bryce Harris. Running through the list was such a heavy endeavour that it was split into two 50-minute episodes. You can check out the list below, but I'd recommend listening to the podcast if you're down to hear some little arguments as T.I. and his friends try to justify why certain artists are deserving of certain spots.