Rap legend T.I. has earned his place alongside the genre's artistic greats, having played an integral role in pioneering trap music as we know it. Yet those that follow the Troubleman know that many of ventures lie beyond music, having established himself as a leading voice in hip-hop adjacent reality TV with shows like T.I. & Tiny's Friends & Family Hustle and Netflix's own Rhythm & Flow. As such, we've come to understand the Grammy-winner as a family man, one who has frequently found himself subjected to all matter of wacky hijinx. 

T.I. Tiny Dance

Frederick M. Brown/Getty Images

Such was indeed the case over the weekend when T.I. inadvertently walked into a choreographed family dance party, presumably for the likes of TikTok or Triller. As the meticulous moves intensify, Tip can only stare in a state of sheer befuddlement, bamboozlement, bewilderment. In other words, the man achieved the final evolutionary stages of the "Dad" line, watching as things beyond his understanding transpire under the roof he so happily calls his own.

Suffice it to say, there has been plenty of time for escapism in this trying time. Given that many have been encouraged to self-quarantine, it stands to reason that many different trends will seize social media, thereby leading to a new influx of memes and challenges to pass the time. Perhaps in Tip's case, it's simply better to give in and join the craze -- how long before we see him cutting a rug in the name of familial bonding?