When Tyler, The Creator made a post on Twitter last Sunday saying, "what the fuck is an easter and why the fuck", it's likely he didn't really mean anything by it. Tyler is known for writing wild stuff on Twitter, and it's hard to take what he's saying seriously when he doesn't actually finish the question he's asking. However, there were those who didn't seem to appreciate the Flower Boy rapper's dismissive attitude towards the holiday.

T.I. made a post on Instagram, screen capping Tyler's tweet and criticizing him for not truly appreciating the true spirit of Easter. The post reads, "Maaaaan Jesus wasn’t no bunny rabbit and rabbits don’t lay fuc*in eggs...🤦🏾‍♂️ Sh*ts beyond me...but🤷🏾‍♂️ enjoy your day.

T.I.'s sounding like a old head here, complaining that the youth aren't respecting tradition, or acknowledging the resurrection of Jesus Christ. The Easter holiday does mean a lot to a lot of religious people around the world, however, so it is sort of understandable where Tip is coming from. That being said, Tyler has never exactly been known for being religious, quite the opposite actually, so it shouldn't be surprising that he doesn't care about the true meaning of Easter.

As far as rap beefs go, this one would be one of the strangest. Maybe we should be expecting T.I. to drop a holiday-themed Easter freestyle aimed at Tyler, or maybe another snarky tweet from Tyler on the subject. You can check out Tip's post with the offending tweet down below.