Their pairing over the years has been an interesting one to keep up with as there seems to be a change in their relationship status every month. While the most recent news should be taken with a grain of salt, it appears as though Tiny is not in a rush to finalize her divorce with T.I. Last month, Tiny had reportedly filed paperwork to extend the mortgage on the property she had purchased after moving out of her family home with T.I., which looked as if the two would not be moving back in with each other any time soon. A new development in their longstanding divorce process points to the exact opposite happening, however.

While both sides have been going back and forth in their divorce for the last three years, Tiny allegedly filed documents to take a formal leave of absence from the divorce. Bossip broke the initial report that the news would end any chance of their marriage being terminated soon. The reason for Tiny's leave of absence is unclear as it was not explained why she needed the extra time. The rumor mill has been spinning with some believing that the couple had plans to imminently renew their vows. This possible change of heart definitely points in favor of that happening.

While the report has not been confirmed by either T.I. or Tiny, it is a promising sign that their relationship may not be officially finished. Read more about the situation here and let us know what you perceive this as.