In this week'sT.I. And Tiny: Friends And Family Hustle episode, the group comes together to mourn a tragic loss, and some relationships reach a high point while others are put to the test, publicly.   

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Warning: Spoilers ahead. 

Rest In Peace, Precious 

Picking up immediately where the last episode ended, the fourth episode of Friends and Family Hustle begins on a somber note, with T.I.'s sister Precious' tragic and untimely passing. With a heavy heart and strained voice, Tip lets the world know just what went down on that fateful night. 

"My sister Precious...she suffered a heart attack while she was driving. It cut off the oxygen to her brain and she was comatose from that point," says T.I., with B-roll of pictures of Precious and social media shoutouts filling the screen. "For a full week, she was in ICU until she finally passed. Life is hard enough. Precious...she was my sister. She was a huge part of the support system that the family leans on. Every time I was going through tough times, she always just reminded me that this too shall pass."

Following her passing, Tip then explains that instead of simply mourning her death, the Harris family showed up and showed out to celebrate her life. Sharing clips from the large and boisterous celebration in honor of Precious' memory, it quickly became clear that Tip stayed true to his word by refusing to focus on his pain, and instead, focusing on her peace. 

Following the inside look into Precious' memorial, Tip and Tiny sit down and dish on how the grief and trauma is affecting their children, as Tip is clearly eager to put his feelings aside and make sure that his children are taken care of. As the children are understandably still grappling with the weight of their aunt's death, T.I. and Tiny agree to work on assisting their family with navigating the dark waters of grief and loss. 

"Let's focus on the women and children," says a stony T.I. "Just focus on the women and children." 

Full Steam Ahead 

Continuing with the ongoing arc of snapping both of their bodies back post-pregnancy, Toya and LeToya hit up a spa for some full-on vagina steaming. Ready to soon resume intimacy with her husband Tommi, LeToya is putting her best foot forward to make sure everything looks as good as it can... "down there" before they hit the sheets. 

"Supposedly, if you sit over a bucket of steam, it's supposed to revitalize your vajayjay," says LeToya. Ever eager, Toya asks whether or not she can have sex right after the procedure, and is relieved to learn that she can, and that the tightening effect is nearly immediate. 

As the two ladies sit over buckets of steam, LeToya prods her friend about some messy stories she's read about Reginae Carter and her boyfriend, rapper YFN Lucci on social media that highlight their allegedly "toxic" relationship, and the fact that he's angling for another baby. While both women agree that they too have dated their fare share of the wrong men and that Reginae will most likely ignore her mother's advice just as they discarded words of wisdom from their own parents, the situation with Lucci has reached a point that Toya can no longer look the other way. 

"I'm overprotective when it comes to my kids, so...I'mma say something," says Toya. 

Placing a call to Monica at the end of their steam, the girls discuss the tragedy of Precious' passing and all voice their support for a group kickball game in honor of Tip's late sister. 

The Talk 

During one of LeToya and Tommi's daily walks aimed at hastening her snapback journey, the two discuss the fact that they haven't had sex in three months (if you're wondering who's counting-- they both are). Uncomfortable in her new body, LeToya voices her insecurities while Tommi reassures her that he's more than down with the thickness. 

Bringing their intimacy discussion full circle, Tommi and LeToya reflect on how in their last conversation with Precious, she encouraged Tommi to "take LeToya home and knock her down." 

"She was just always a joy to be around. She was super cool, man," says LeToya. "Super cool." 

Heart To Heart 

Toya's sister Beedy and Reginae hit the town for some serious shopping and to catch up with each other's lives. After Beedy tells Reginae the happy news that she and Toya are both willing to put in the work to repair their relationship, the conversation turns to Nae's very public love life.

"I have to learn...not everybody is gonna love like me," says Reginae, clearly upset about the struggle she's going through with Lucci. "The future with me and Lucci...I really can't see it yet...I don't know what he's thinking but we don't talk about kids or marriage or anything...even though he tweets it, I don't know where it comes from." 

Dropping A Bombshell

On Tip's advice, Tiny finally bites the bullet and agrees to level with her Xscape group members about her solo career as Ryder. Thankfully, Tamika, Tiny's fellow Xscape groupmate takes the news extremely well and uses the opportunity to boss her friend up, not tear her down. After Tiny revealed that she was feeling some type of way about letting the proverbial cat out of the bag, Tamika reassures her that her talents are not just "tied to Xscape." "Everybody knows you as Tip's wife," says Tamika. "They know you as Xscape. They don't know you as Tiny." 

Arguing that Tiny is tied to Xscape, she reinforces the necessity of bringing Ryder into the mix. 

Date Night 

Finding their footing at this new stage in their relationship as parents, LeToya and Tommi go out on a sexy double date night with Toya and Red. From blindfolded cocktail tasting sessions to R-rated conversations about sex during pregnancy, the two couples have a great night kicking back and enjoying adult conversation, kid-free. Turning the date night on its head, LeToya seizes the opportunity to get her hubby back for gloating during the bus ride from Texas to Atlanta previously in the season, when she was forced to drink her own breastmilk. While the rest of their party sipped on their cocktails, Tommi, while blindfolded, took a large gulp of his wife's own breastmilk unbeknownst to him. 

"I ain't doin' no more damn blindfolds," says Tommi, unable to contain his disgust and amusement. Thankfully, he was a good sport and his reaction to the prank shows just how tight his bond with LeToya really is. 


It's kickball time! "Monica came up with a great way to get everybody's minds off of celebrate the life and impact my sister Precious had on everybody near and dear in this family so...we're about to engage in a friendly game of kickball!" says Tip at the start of the group game in honor of his late sister's memory. 

It's Team Family vs. Team Hustle, and it's about to go down. 

With so many strong personalities under one roof, it's no surprise that some calls quickly came to blows with each side accusing the other of cheating. Despite the strong competitive undercurrent, everyone was in great spirits and even though the all came to win, no one lost sight of the real reason they gathered together-- to honor Precious and to spread the love of her spirit. During the game, you'd be hard pressed to find one face without a smile on it as they ran, laughed and sweat together. 

"The kickball game was an amazing tribute," says Tip, fondly wrapping up the time spent together with friends and family. 

Let's Get It On 

After all the windup, Tommi and LeToya finally get things poppin' again in the bedroom. Six minutes and 30 seconds after shooing the cameras out of their bedroom and turning the lights off, the new parents both agree that the sex was definitely "worth the wait." 

"Quality over quantity," says a happy LeToya. 

We Love You, Precious 

Following up the sentiment of the kickball game, Tip's family organizes an intimate dinner in honor of Precious reserved for just close family and friends. Laughs, and happy memories of Precious are shared by all as they reflect on the bright light she brought into this world. 

"The sudden loss is just a reminder that we have to cling closer to each other. Precious was definitely the glue for a lot of us because she liked for family to be together, and that's something that I'm going to keep with me," says Monica, offering her praise up to Precious.