In this week's T.I. And Tiny: Friends And Family Hustle episode, bonds are mended, relationships reach a high point, and the Harris family is confronted with an unexpected tragedy. 

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Warning: Spoilers ahead

The Weight Of The World 

Monica really can't seem to catch a break lately, and is definitely feeling the weight of the world on her shoulders as she attempts to keep her professional and personal life in line. "Album, kids...Pa's cancer diagnosis, trying to support my friends...they're all there, but one of the places that I find refuge and I find peace is in the booth," says Monica, revealing that music is her one escape from the madness. "Everything that's happening in my just simply melts away. 

After laying down some vocals in the studio, Monica's sound engineer makes the mistake of letting her know that they're a little behind schedule in regard to her album release date. Absolutely not here for his excuses, Monica reels back and lets him know that he just needs to get the mixing done because she's been grinding on stage and in the studio to keep her artistry in top form. Simultaneously both light-hearted and deadly serious, Monica reflects on the fact that she really needs an assistant to relieve some of the stress and pressure that's threatening to overwhelm her. With a music video with Teyana Taylor coming up, touring for the first time in years and all of the subsequent promo that comes with both of those projects, Monica knows she needs to start sharing her burden-- and fast. 

"You'd better make sure they good because they gotta deal with you," says one of Monica's studio mates, poking fun at Monica's temperament. 

Toya And LeToya Slim Down 

"Nothing is too extra when it comes to me losing weight," explains Toya as she and LeToya hit up City Surf Atlanta for their full body, high-intensity, surf-inspired fitness classes. Considering the fact that the ladies underwent Cyrotherapy to freeze off those extra pounds earlier in the season, it's no surprise that they're trying anything and everything to get slim for summer. 

With her core muscles nowhere to be found after just having a baby, LeToya struggles with her endurance, stamina, balance and strength throughout the entire lesson. After huffing her way to the finish line, LeToya levels with Toya about her nervousness regarding jumping back into being intimate with Tommi as she's set to soon be given the green light from her doctor. 

"Even knowing that we're about to get cleared to do the "thang thang," I want to feel sexy and I do not feel sexy," reveals LeToya. 

Continuing their post-workout girl talk session, Toya levels with the ladies about the lingering discontent she feels following Reign's first birthday. While's the celebration went off without a hitch in the previous episode, there was some tension in the air between Toya and her sister Beedy after Toya dropped the ball and forgot to send her an invitation. Feeling unwanted and unwelcome, Beedy let her grievances be known before stepping back and letting Reign have the spotlight she deserved. 

Eager to lend a sympathetic ear, LeToya levels with her friend and lets her know that she's familiar with exactly what she's going through because she's experiencing the same uncomfortable situation right now with her once-estranged father. 

Tiny...Or Ryder? 

While trying on new looks for the stage, Tiny dishes on how she wants to bring a new flavor to both her music and her performances for her fans. Joining Tiny, her makeup artist and her assistant to view the new looks, Tip busts in mid-conversation to hear Tiny get into her flow about Ryder, the new persona she's trying out behind the mic. 

"Ok so let me tell you," says Tip in a talking head, clearly exasperated with the whole situation. "Ryder is an alter ego that Tamika the bedroom...for me. As I remember it, it all started about seven or eight years ago with a black wig."

Snapping back at her hubby, Tiny explains that she's using the alter ego to still feel close to the girls of Xscape while also branching out on her own. With Ryder, Tiny is able to satisfy her fans by giving them solo music while still being a a team player to her group-mates. 

"Tip's only saying these things because he can't let go of the bedroom Ryder," explains Tiny. "But he's worried for nothing, she's not gonna be naked on stage or anything like that."

Even though Tiny does the most to defend her new alter ego, Tip isn't convinced and argues that she's dropping "something classic to focus on something trendy." Clearly, Tip doesn't get down with Ryder...except in the bedroom. 

Mend The Broken Bond 

True to his word, LeToya's dad Darrell shows up to spend a few days with his daughter and to meet his granddaughter Gianna for the first time. Committed to mending their strained relationship, Darrell doesn't show up empty-handed and immediately congratulates LeToya for all of the incredible work she's been doing as a first time mom. Despite the fact that Darell isn't as close with LeToya as he should be, he was brought to tears almost immediately after holding Gianna for the first time. 

"I've been waiting for this for 61 years," says Darell, cradling a cooing Gianna and overwhelmed by the power of the moment. 

Who Can Pass The Test? 

On the hunt for a new assistant, Monica sets up a foolproof interview process. Rio, Monica's cousin interviews the string of waiting hopefuls while Monica and Tiny watch the drama from afar, not wanting to be in the room while the grilling goes down. After a long line of under-qualified applicants, Monica settles on Ryan, a no-nonsense go-getter who has the commanding presence needed to lessen her workload. 

Picture Perfect 

At Gianna's first ever photo shoot, the tension between Darell and his ex-wife (LeToya's mom) is suffocatingly thick. To break up some of the bad energy, LeToya's parents head outside to have a serious talk for the first time since their divorce 25 years prior. While the two are far from friends again, the end their conversation on a hug and a high note, committed to sharing their granddaughter's first milestone together. 

Hash It Out 

Here it is-- the moment that Toya has been looking for since this season's premiere, a sit-down with her sister Beedy. Finally taking some time out to work through their issues, Toya immediately apologizes for forgetting to send Beedy an invitation to Reign's first birthday party. In response, Beedy let's Toya know that she's often felt unwanted by her older sister, and that sentiment is the reason why she often seems closed-off. "When I'm around you, I don't feel the sisterly love," says Beedy. 

In response, Toya lets her sister know that their mother's addiction and their father's behavior are the true reasons why they're not as close as they should be-- not because there's any love lost on her end. "I don't wanna lost my sister," says Toya in an emotional plea to Beedy. 

By the end of the conversation, both ladies are in agreement with their plan to move forward with their relationship. 

Ryder's Debut 

Easing her girls into the idea of her alter ego, Tiny shows up to their group dinner-and-a-burlesque show dressed as Ryder. True to form, Monica remarks that she knew Ryder would "have her titties out." On stage, the burlesque dancers get down to Ryder's new single and Monica, LeToya and Toya shower Tiny with praise for her first solo work. 

Finally coming around to the idea of Tiny branching out, Tip voices his support for his wife's new creative venture on their ride home from the burlesque club. 

Rest In Peace

In a shocking and tragic turn of events, the episode closes with a B-roll montage of articles outlining Tip's sister Precious' car crash and subsequent health battle. Sadly, Precious Harries eventually succumbed to her injuries and passed away on February 22, 2019. 

"Nothing in this world can prepare you for that," says Tip, reflecting on the sudden loss of his sister.