The Harris family is as tight as can be. T.I. and Tiny have been working on their marriage since they called off their divorce last year, realizing that they had chosen to spend their lives together for a reason. The two parents have always been supportive of their kids, showcasing their love on their reality show Family Hustle. Although they recently had to say goodbye to a crucial member of the family, T.I.'s sister Precious, it has taught Tiny and her husband to always be there for their kids. When Deyjah Harris decided to clap back at a hater in her comments section, she did so with the full support of her parents.

The 17-year-old came for one of her followers who told her that it looks like she "got a dick" in one of her photos. Deyjah made sure to keep them from ever coming back to her page, clowning them with her own comment. "First of all, what are you doing looking near that area in the first place," she wrote. "Second of all, even if I did have one...why is that any of your concern or business, and third of all and more importantly, if that's what it looks like...good. SUCK IT!!!!!"

Both T.I. and Tiny crept into the comments with remarks of their own, giving their daughter props for standing up to the hater. Tiny was beaming with pride, replying, "That's my baby!!!" As for T.I., he let a trio of emojis do the talking, commenting a wide-eyed stare with a checkmark on the side.

The family that hustles together, stays together!