Earlier this year, T.I. was caught with his hand on actress Asia'h Epperson's derriere, and the tabloids went to town on him. The incident occurred backstage at one of his concerts in the state of Indiana. Epperson was widely reported as T.I.'s side piece but has faded out of view in the months that have passed. That didn't prevent the issue from coming to a head on last night's episode of T.I. & Tiny’s Friends & Family Hustle.

While Tiny and T.I. battled it out "on-air," the Twitterverse quickly engaged in their regular antics, as social commenters. The news eventually got around to Asia'h Epperson, who decided to enter the discussion from a defensive position. As you can see by the nature of her Tweets, Asias'h was none too pleased to have her name brought up in a marital scrum, much less one telecast to millions of viewers.

Asia'h, who acts as well as sings-writes her own music, was careful to stay covert while the issue was trending. Tiny did not mention the actress by name, only as a conspicuous "her" in her case against T.I.'s proposed "open" marital conventions. Her Tweet "Thank God I'm whole" seems to indicate that Asia'h will make out just fine, all things considered. T.I. and Tiny continue to make the marital World a messy place, sometimes at "her" expense.