The day before Nipsey Hussle's beautiful "Celebration Of Life" memorial, T.I, Meek Mill, and The Game decided to hold it down for the late rapper's cause. It would appear that many have been taking to the shop to pay homage, as a video from Meek's Instagram reveals a dwindling supply. It wouldn't be surprising to see the shop turning in record numbers, in true bittersweet fashion.

T.I, Game, and Meek Mill's support of Nipsey Hussle's Marathon store reveals hip-hop's continued support of Nip's movement, and a big win for the Crenshaw community. "I'm just doing my part," says Tip. "Your turn!" Upon ringing up his purchases, a veritable convoy of bag-handlers proceed to carry a full-fledged wardrobe to the car. It's great to see the hip-hop community mobilizing behind Nipsey, and helping keep his cause alive. Hopefully, Marathon can continue to flourish, should there even be stock remaining after Tip and Meek Mill's shopping spree.

Should you be interested in following their example, check out Marathon's lineup of boutique apparel right here. Given the high price tags across the board, we can only imagine that Tip's bill alone covered at least a couple months worth of rent. Salute Tip, Meek and Game for putting their money where their mouths are. Rest in peace to Nipsey Hussle.