T.I. has been at home with family just like the rest of us, and although he's no longer letting us in on his family life through the reality show T.I. & Tiny: The Family Hustle, he has been utilizing social media to curate a little show of his own.

It has been refreshing to see an uncut version of T.I.'s family dynamic. Yesterday, T.I. walked in on his family participating in a highly choreographed Tik-Tok routine, playing the role of a confused father. Today, he's the #GirlDad who happily follows his youngest daughter around the house singing renditions of a song that they must have written together.

"Yes I love my daddy", Heiress sings. 

"Yes I love my baby", TI sings back. 

T.I. is a respected forefather of Atlanta-based trap music, alongside greats like Jeezy and Gucci Mane, but even guys as hard as that, know how important it is to be around family during the quarantine. Maybe we'll get more of T.I. and his family as we push through this state of emergency together. It is also possible that other artists will be inspired to open up and share more of themselves with the world as well. 

Everyone has to do their part during the coronavirus pandemic, and if staying at home with family is one of those things, maybe it's not so bad.