David Banner turned 44 at the stroke of midnight, and has the battle scars to prove it. To mark the occasion, the rapper rented out American Cut, the self-described "Best Steakhouse in Buckhead, Atlanta." In attendance were none other than Coach K, the chief operating officer of Quality Control, and the trouble man himself, rapper T.I.

The event was sponsored by hip hop's intoxicating beverage of choice, Hennessy VSOP. By the looks of it, the liquor was on spill for those who took the bait. For what it's worth, David Banner woke up next to his mother, looking particularly frazzled, as did his mum. Upon waking he decided to ambush his mother who was having none of it, her mascara removed some time ago.

Of the three respected old heads pictured below, T.I. is the only one resisting the grey purge of his hair. Coach K has always found a foothold in new markets, T.I. remains a respected figure and a relevant contributor, and David Banner for his part, is the rare rapper/producer who has sought refuge as a social activist in the post-Obama era. Happy Birthday Lavell William Crump, may you live long and prosper.