It's been an eventful 24 hours for T.I. Though it began with birthday wishes for 50 Cent, he called out the G-Unit head honcho to go face-to-face on Verzuz so he can prove that his catalog is on par with 50 Cent's. It's more rooted in the South being overlooked in hip-hop, though this morning, things took an interesting turn when he called on his friend, comedian K-Dubb, to discuss the Verzuz battle as well as an anecdote about Tony Yayo pulling up on the comedian.

At one point in the conversation, T.I. spoke on the allegations of being a snitch ever since the Crime Stoppers video emerged. Of course, snitching has been a hot topic over the past few months, ever since 6ix9ine came out of jail and proudly claimed his status as a rat on wax. 

"Fuck you and ya life, n***a. If you see a snitch, n***a, slap him when you see 'em. Knock his nose off," Tip said. "Next time I'm out, instead of asking for a picture, like a lil' hoe ass n***a. N***a come on knock my nose out if you think I'm a snitch, n***a. N***a quit smilin' in my face trying to get in my mothafuckin section."

"I never gave no mothafuckin' information to get anybody in no mothafuckin' trouble naan time with no police. If I am working with a police, it'll be to get him to shoot you," Tip proclaimed.

Check the clip out below.