Earlier this year, T.I. was ordered to cough up a whole lot of cash to former employees who were left without a job after the rapper's business shut down. The judge ordered Tip to pay $75K in unpaid wages to nine out of eleven employees that went after him once his former restaurant, Scales 925, shut down in 2016. Despite settling the case a few months back, his employees are taking him back to court for allegedly defrauding them out of the money they were owed.

According to TheBlast, T.I.'s former employees are accusing him of fraudulently transferring $40K to himself and his business partners instead of paying them the money they were owed from the previous lawsuit. The rapper previously reached a $78K settlement with a group of his former employees from Scales 925 after they accused of him of cheating them out of overtime pay. However, their new lawsuit claims T.I. settled another lawsuit with his business partner and coughed up $40K. His former employees believe that he and his business partners ultimately stashed the payment from their creditors and also kept the asset for their own personal use.

As of this point, the group of ex-employees claim they only received a portion of what T.I. owed them and they believe the $40K that was paid to the business partner should've gone to them. 

T.I. has yet to respond to the lawsuit.