In today’s world, where social media provides an unfiltered look into people’s lives and cameras are everywhere, we have a, generationally speaking, unprecedented view into the lives of our favorite people. While the glitz and glamour of being famous certainly comes with its set of perks, it also means that when you don’t get along with someone, sometimes people know. In fact, sometimes the entire feud plays out in the media, both traditional and social. 

The reality is that celebrities are people too and they have the same emotions as the rest of us. Being in the spotlight, their lives are criticized more than usual and, although many may claim not to pay attention to the negative, it can eventually get to them - especially if that critic has a big audience.

There are two general categories for how to solve these types of issues: direct and indirect, the latter sometimes doubling as passive-aggressive. Direct would be the two disagreeing parties confronting each other (directly!). This could, but does not have to be in person, though. It could be an @-mention on social media or a phone call. Passive-aggressive actions are more subtle and, when done right, fun to dissect. These might include song lyrics, referencing a situation in an interview or on-camera, sarcastically posting something on social media, you get the idea.

In hip-hop, feuds emerge all the time. The most famous, still, is probably Tupac and Biggie, not only due to their legendary status in the game, but the fact that it ended with both of them murdered, their lore lives on. While both rappers used some indirect ways, like cryptic song lyrics, to take jabs at each other, they also had a very direct feud under the East coast vs. West coast umbrella.

Like with Pac and Biggie, these feuds do sometimes turn violent, just as they did between 50 Cent and The Game although the two have since resolved their differences, and even right now, we're in the midst of a rumored violent beef between Young Dolph and Yo Gotti. 

In the spirit of non-violence, however, here is a look at five hip-hop feuds that didn’t get physical but rather showcased the best in passive aggressiveness.