Over the last 10 days, three separate historically black churches in one south Louisiana parish have burned, sparking an investigation in which authorities are bringing "suspicious" activity into questions.

"There is clearly something happening in this community," State Fire Marshal H. Browning said in a statement according to the New York Times. "That is why it is imperative that the citizens of this community be part of our effort to figure out what it is."

The Times also reports that all the fires took place on the date of March 26th, April 2nd, and April 4th in Louisiana's St. Landry parish just 30 miles north of Lafayette. One of the churches affected include Greater Union Baptist Church, led by Pastor Harry Richard

"I'm very concerned but I'm very optimistic because of our faith in God and, no matter what happens, I feel like this is his plan," says Rev Richard. "He's going to bring me through this."

In addition, three hours north of Lafayette, a fourth fire was intentionally set at a black church. Police have yet to find anything connecting all the events together and have not determined if race has played a factor.

“There certainly is a commonality, and whether that leads to a person or persons or groups, we just don’t know,” Browning added.

Currently, the F.B.I. and federal Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms are involved in the investigation.