The Soundcloud generation is distinctive in both sound and style, with broad and varied influences. Lil Wayne's influence can be seen in the rockstar/drug-ridden lifestyle and abundance of face tatts, while the intentional lo-fi sound is a facet of this generation's DIY attitude, one culled from previous generation go-getters like Odd Future and Kanye West. For Thouxanbanfauni, the Soundcloud generation is "the right now generation" because of the youths access to the Internets tools. On the latest episode of "On The Come Up," Thouxanbanfauni discusses coming up on Soundcloud, how Kanye West and Tyler, The Creator influenced his approach to creating music and more.

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"The Soundcloud generation, you know, we're like 'the right now' generation. We got the internet, we got Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, whatever, and like, Google. How we got access to all this shit, that's what our generation is. It's just right now," he told us. Fauni's approach to creating music is to simply capture a moment, something he believes is helping shift the way others will make music in the future.

"I feel like what I'm doing right now will shape and form the structure of music in the future anyway, if you want me to be all the way honest. Because it's not really -- if you was gonna put genres together, you'd put rock, hip-hop and like, fuckin, soul or some shit, on some weird shit. It's just music," he continued.

Fauni admits that each studio session varies, but that's something that's part of his approach. Regardless of whether he's catching a vibe with a different artist or working on his solo music, the creative process differs.

"The way we record nowadays, n***as don't just record like 'Oh, when I feel like it. It's more like, I'm recording when I'm high, when I'm sober, when I'm fuckin' lit, when I'm sad, when I'm happy. Like, n***as don't give a fuck. We gon' be in the studio recording, that's why the music might sound so different sometimes because n***as literally record at any given moment," he said. "Regardless of my mood, I'm not going to let nothing get me down from recording or I'ma just make a song about how I feel. That's why all my music has different tones, it has different feelings... That's why I feel everything I'm doing specifically is going to shape music in the future."

Tyler, The Creator and the early Odd Future movement is something that initially inspired Fauni to get into recording. He explained that Tyler and Kanye's ability to do everything on their own, from production to writing, helped shape his artistry.

"I had fucked with Odd Future and shit because Tyler did all his shit himself, you know what I'm sayin'? He made his own beats, he made his own artwork. Like I salute that shit," he said. "Between that man Kanye and Tyler, knowing that these n***as made their own production, that shit had inspired me to really try to do that."

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Photo By HNHH