The fifth installment of "Amazon Prime Day" is around the corner, and this time around, it's set to be the longest-running variation thus far. Should you be unaware of what "Prime Day" entails, picture a "Black Friday" of sorts, strictly for Amazon Prime users. Beginning on Monday, July 15th, "Prime Day" will be offering up over one million deals, according to CNN. Apparently, Alexa devices will be massively discounted, so should you be looking to engage in a few "Her"-esque fantasies, mark your calendars accordingly.

Leon Neal/Getty Images

Unlike previous installments of the discount extravaganza, this year's "Prime Day" will extend for a solid forty-eight hours. Be sure to prepare your credit cards accordingly, and should you be on the fence of joining Prime, let this be the wake-up call you need. With the company already calling it the "biggest global shopping event ever," you'd be unwise to sleep on some of the imminent deals.

Not to mention, the massive success of "Prime Day" comes complete with ripple-effect benefits. In efforts to meet the competition, many additional retailers have moved to match Amazon with deals of their own. Yet Amazon remains a true sales juggernaut, and the numbers, while undisclosed, cast a looming shadow all the same. Are you looking forward to this year's 48-hour Prime Day?