Coronavirus is continuing to send the world into an absolute pandemonium, from postponing the release of movies like No Time To Die and delaying Mariah Carey's return to Hawaii to just getting Summer Walker in trouble on social media altogether. It's also making people go a bit overboard with the protective gear, as WorldStarHipHop exec Danny Cotton recently proved with his Walter White-inspired frequent flyer 'fit.

WSHH worldstarhiphop worldstar coronavirus bodysuit face mask
David Dee Delgado/Getty Images

The COVID-19 panic has everyone choosing a variety of ways to protect themselves, and somehow style is playing a big part in the decision process. In a similar fashion to the suit I spotted on the M train this afternoon rocking a Burberry print mask, Danny was interviewed by TMZ wearing a full bodysuit that included rubber surgeon gloves, a plastic hoodie with the drawstrings pulled completely over his face and a respirator to fully complete his Breaking Bad cosplay. However, based off his recent traveling to Hong Kong and Malaysia during the peak of the outbreak, he may just have been doing us all a huge favor. Good looks, bro!

Thankfully Danny Cotton and his fiancee are coronavirus-free, but since she's from China and can't get a visa due to the outbreak he did have to leave her behind. See his protective gear below, and check out TMZ's original report further to read up on how he's staying healthy: