Solange's "Cranes In The Sky" is not only a special song in the Solange canon, but it's a particularly difficult vocal performance to replicate. Basically, you have the odds stacked against you in attempting to cover the track, but Sampha is the rare artist who can pull it off.

The South London singer, who has collaborated with Solange on A Seat At The Table highlight "Don't Touch My Hair," did a rendition of the track for BBC1 at Glastonbury.

When asked if he'd run the idea past Solange before performing the track, Sampha admitted, "I haven't but hopefully she's alright with it." Now that the spare piano cover of the track has made it online, there's no doubt that Solange approves, as she tweeted out: "crying. sampha your voice and soul are unmatched," with a link to the performance.

Listen to Sampha's performance at BBC (it begins at 7:36). Watch the video for Solange and Sampha's collaboration "Don't Touch My Hair" below.