Did y’all have a successful Black Friday? This year shoppers spent $3.34 billion dollars on Black Friday and over 99 million people hit stores on the retail holiday. With so many people chasing deals, there are always a few stories of storefront destruction, and this year is no different.

Things got particularly aggressive at a Nike outlet store outside of Seattle, where people pursuing steals on sneakers and other athletic apparel tore the shelves to bits, leaving sneaker boxes strewn throughout the aisles and a major headache for employees. We don’t condone this kind of wanton violence on any pairs of kicks, but if the likes of Air Griffeys and LeBron 13s are being left on the floor like a pair of K-Swiss then there was probably some major heat at the store. Shout out to dude in the first second photo who looks like he just spotted a major come up and check out footage of the carnage below.

Maybe next year everyone should join the 108 million people who shopped online this year and save everyone the trouble. It’ll definitely be better than needing to bring a shovel to go shopping.