After years of relatively under-the-radar appearances and musical outings, Jhene Aiko finally fully returned to the public eye with the release of her Trip album. The lengthy, basically double-disc album definitely accounts for why she was underground for so long-- it's her most emotional, personally-revealing and fine-tuned body of work yet. As she continues to celebrate its release, either interacting heavily with fans who are enjoying the release on twitter, or else, hitting up late night shows to perform songs off it, she's made another move that vies for the public's attention. Not only the public's attention, but the public's peanut gallery's discussion as well. She got what appears to be a relatively large and life-like portrait of her boyfriend, Big Sean, tattooed on her arm.

Their relationship dates back to March 2016, as far as we know, when the couple first announced their collaborative music venture, TWENTY88. At the time, it wasn't apparent to us that it was more than just a working relationship, however the extent of their relationship slowly came to light. Sean Don would later go on The Breakfast Club and admit he'd had feelings for Jhene all along. Nonetheless, the commencement of their relationship also appeared to align with the downfall of Jhene's previous relationship -- one with producer Dot Da Genius, whom she had secretly married. Jhene would file for divorce from Dot Da Genius in August 2016; the divorce was just finalized last week. With the divorce behind them, is Jhene's new tattoo not only an act of dedication and love but of celebration? We're not really sure what the idea is or how it was sparked-- and whether or not Big Sean will return to the favor with a matching portrait of his TWENTY88 lover. What we do know is: Jhene got Big Sean tatted on her arm, and it's very real.

Catch a video of Jhene mid-tattoo below, and read more to see how the twittersphere is reacting to this news, because at the end of the day, that's all that really matters, amirite??