In a video that will likely become a slogan for the "health and wealth gospel," a group of ATL strippers huddle together in a circle joint by hands. A leader emerges from the pack and becomes the group's spirit guide. As a group they then go on to list their wishes and needs ahead of the dj's roll call, but not before name dropping Blac Youngsta as if he were the sacred father.

In order of sequence, the strippers list off: "getting their ass done," "new teeth," "for baby daddies not to be present during performance," "a step dad for children," "a new wig," "veneers" and "titties", followed by an Amen for good mercy. The video then cuts to our wishful thinking, for if we all pool together, there'll be an abundance of riches.

Blac Youngsta's exploits are now pushing him to region specific "deity status". His presence alone probably weeds out the broke hustlers and broke husbands; the sort of performance akin to a restaurant critic requesting a table.