It was an eventful year, making the possibilities for Google's 'search of the year' near-endless. Despite that, you might not think it would be something that only came into existence in November. Due to the overwhelming anticipation surrounding the streaming service, Disney Plus has secured the title of top Google search of the year.

The new streaming service’s victory is probably, in part, due to the internet virality of The Mandalorian’s main character, Baby Yoda. Baby Yoda itself was the top Google search in the category of “Babies.” He beat a very impressive roster of other famous babies, including Baby Shark, the royal baby, Kim Kardashian and Kanye West’s baby, Cardi B’s baby, among others. Additionally, The Mandalorian itself won 5th place for the most searched TV shows on Google.

The runner-ups for the top overall searches include the late Disney star Cameron Boyce, our beloved Nipsey Hussle, Hurricane Dorian, Antonio Brown, and more. Hopefully 2020 will give us another interesting round of top searches. Until then, go get your Disney Plus subscription and watch The Mandalorian.