Back when many Americans were still reeling at the election of Donald Trump, they turned to photos of Barack Obama and Joe Biden for solace. By turning these photos into heartwarming memes, people were able to have some fun as their favorite president prepared to exit the White House. Apparently, regular citizens weren’t the only ones enjoying the memes.

According to an interview with Moneyish, Joe Biden’s daughter Ashley Biden showed the former Vice President the memes about his relationship with Barack Obama, and the elder Biden “sat there for an hour and laughed.” We’ve all been there Joe. Apparently the meme below was his favorite.

Now that he’s retired, Joe Biden has a lot of time on his hands to peruse the extensive catalog of hilarious memes about himself. Now all we need is a meme about Joe Biden continuing to pester Barack Obama with the memes about themselves. We're still waiting on the Trump-Pence bromance memes.