July fourth is upon us, which means that Americans around the globe are celebrating their independence. America is now 242 years old, a relatively young country in a global aspect. As a standard tradition, fireworks will light up the skies and the smell of grilled burgers and hot dogs are most likely wafting down your neighborhood streets. Parties of every fashion will take place today; pool parties, house parties, and beach parties celebrating the good old red, white, and blue are occurring at every corner. A party is nothing without a good playlist, and for that, we have your back.

Turning up on the fourth will be that much easier without having to scroll through songs on your car ride to the next party. When you do waltz into the celebration of your choice, there's a good chance the person assigned to DJ duties will either be inebriated already, or on a fast track to reaching epic levels of intoxication. Don't let horrendous music kill your vibe. Our fourth of July playlist has a little bit of everything, and will keep the party going long into the fifth. Bass rattling cuts like Childish Gambino's "This Is America," or J. Cole's G.O.M.D. are perfect to turn up to. Classic records like Tupac's "California Love," or Lil Wayne's "Go DJ" are sure to be universally loved by anyone who hears them in the vicinity. So throw on that red, white, and blue outfit, grab a six-pack, and enjoy our July 4th playlist.