Jeanette Paras is a pumpkin artist know for turning giant pumpkins into cartoon images of some of the biggest celebrities. Her past works include Donald Trumpkin, Hillary Clintkin, Vladimir Putkin, Miley Cyrus, Paris Hilton, Dr. Phil and lots more. Her latest creation is none other than Kanye West and according to The Blast, the gigantic pumpkin is still going strong for the holidays after it passed the “smell test."

After creating the pumpkin for Halloween, with a "Make Pumpkins Great Again" hat, Jeanette told the publication that most other pumpkins don't last until December since the vegetable usually beings to rot, but for some reason, this pumpkin is still going strong. "Say hello to PumpYEkin - 315 lbs. of pumpkin grown by Lisa Gerchy of the Southern Ohio Giant Pumpkin Growers Association. YE's making headlines and they landed him on the Paras Pumpkins porch for 2018," Jeanette captioned her debut photo of PumpYe.

It seems as though Jeanette isn't the only artist inspired by Kanye, as we posted earlier today an artist in Switzerland opened a gallery showcasing many portraits of Ye. Photographer Heji Shin's chose photos of Kanye from recent times showing off many of his close-up shots blown up into huge pieces for the exhibit- check it out here