Ben Baller’s name is a pretty good representation of who he is. As the premier jeweler for celebrities (particularly rappers), he’s been named checked in more than a few songs, and has made custom pieces for quite a few emcees. He’s not just a seller though, as he makes his own jewelry, and this latest piece is probably going to be his most coveted to date.

For his latest trick, Ben Baller created a custom Yeezy Boost 350 pendant. The detailing is impressive, including the ‘YZY’ inlay on the midfoot and the accuracy of the sole ribbing. Made up of rose gold and inlaid with quite a few diamonds, this thing is the ultimate confluence of things that are hyped and things that are actually worth a ton of money. The number of diamonds on this bit of wealth hasn’t been officially released, but we’d venture it’s well over 50. If someone in the comments wants to nail down a more definite number, please be our guest.

If you like what you see, be sure to follow his shop If & Co. on Instagram. Check out a video of the pendant's creation below.