Kendrick Lamar and Drake may have had their differences in the past (some of them likely imagined by fans), but it doesn't mean they can't enjoy one another's music. A new clip has surfaced in which we hear Kendrick Lamar gleefully singing along to Drake's VIEWS highlight, "Controlla," before moving on to Rihanna's "Work" (which, of course, Drake is also featured on).

It's not clear if K-Dot is driving, or what mix he's listening to (he seems to know "Work" is coming), but either way, it's a pretty entertaining listen. It's been a minute since we've heard Kendrick and Drake on a song together, and while this is not exactly a confirmation that will happen again anytime soon, we can always dream. We're still mad Popcaan got taken off "Controlla," so putting Kendrick on the remix could ALMOST make up for it.

Check out the clip below.