It was just announced a couple weeks ago that Boosie Badazz is no longer on probation & parole after having been on it for the past ten years. That means that Baton Rouge veteran is allowed to live his life again the way he wants to, not having to check in with his P.O or court system. Of course, that also means it’s fair game to get back into smoking pot, something Boosie is wasting no time getting back in to.

On Thursday, Boosie shared a clip on his IG of him taking a huge dab, possibly for the first time ever, and it’s hilarious. The first of twos clips shows Boosie taking in a huge dab and trying to impress those he was around and show off his capabilities, but he quickly felt that wraith. After his exhale, Boosie was greeted by homies patting him on the back to help his coughing, but it’s the second clip that’s even better. Slumped over a table trying to catch his breathe, Boosie can be seen drooling and coughing up a lung trying to recover from his dab. He hilarious looks at the camera and says “fucking dabs man. I love this shit, get right nephew.”

It’s a pretty hilarious clip overall, and something most of us can relate too if they’ve ever taken a dab before too big. Check it out (below) and be sure to swipe right to see the second part.