A Christian mother of four has heard Vince Staples for the first time, bringing tears to her eyes. Unfortunately, they're not the good kind.

A new viral video is making the rounds on Twitter, showing a distraught woman describing her experience hearing Vince's Summertime '06 single on the radio recently. "Guys, I could not believe what I was hearing," she says at the start of the 11-minute diatribe. "This is on our local radio station! This crap is being played! I couldn't even believe the words that I was listening to. As a mom, it infuriated me."

Apparently, the only solution for this woman was to read the lyrics to Vince's song in its entirety, which of course, brought her to tears once again. Ironically, as offensive as she found the song, she was perfectly alright with saying the N-word multiple times.

It seems that the unnamed woman's attempt to rally against the song has backfired, as the reaction to her tearful rant has garnered quite the opposite reaction she was hoping for.

Now, we wait for Vince Staples to bless us with a response.

Oh yeah, someone already put her over the beat.