Japanese clothing brand A Bathing Ape has been a staple of streetwear for a long time, and they always keep things interesting with their collaborations and new collections. The brand’s next collection is an extended version of their short collaboration with Japanese anime show Dragon Ball from earlier this year, and it hits a sweet spot for streetwear fans.

While the Ape Head and Baby Milo designs are present throughout the designs, the Dragon Ball series gets plenty of spotlight on its own. Most of the designs feature Dragon Ball characters like Goku, Piccolo, Master Roshi, Bulma, Krillin and more, each translated into Baby Milo’s signature rounded illustration style. We're a fan of incorporating more fun elements into streetwear, a genre that can be suffocatingly self-serious at times.

Products in the collection include t-shirts, sweatshirts, hoodies, tote bags and a throw pillow. Everything goes on sale this Saturday, April 23 on Bape’s website. Which design is your favorite?