A trailer filled with roughly $1 million worth of sneakers was reportedly stolen from a Los Angeles warehouse earlier this month and police are still searching for clues to discover who did it.

According to ABC10,

"The chassis container trailer was reported missing Aug. 6 from a business yard in the city of Torrance. It had been loaded with men's and women's shoes, according to a release from the Los Angeles Police Department."

The report states that Los Angeles police were able to locate the trailer two days after the heist but it was completely empty. However, a tip led detectives to a business located in the city of El Monte where they reportedly recovered $900,000 worth of stolen sneakers.

It has not been revealed exactly what type of sneakers were in the trailer, but the LAPD is still seeking information about the crime, hopeful that they can recover the remaining $100,000 worth of products.

This isn't the first time a truck load of sneakers has been stolen this year.

A couple of months ago, $14,000 worth of brand new Nikes were boosted out of the back of a semi-truck in Memphis, Tennessee, where Nike's largest distribution centers are located. Truck drivers in Memphis are warned to be on the lookout for thieves who target trailers that they know are filled with valuables, including shipments of new Nike sneakers.