It's getting more and more difficult to predict what the next trend will be online. These days, anything can go viral. Usually, it's the most obscure things that you can ponder. For some reason, social media is currently going crazy over something that happened back in May. If you noticed "They did surgery on a grape" was trending on Twitter over the weekend, you likely got a little curious about what was going on. After all, that's a pretty strange headline. If you're anything like me, you opened up the trend and got caught into the hilarity of it all. Somehow, this became the most prominent meme on the internet over the course of a few days.

Here's the backstory: In May of this year, the Peter MacCallum Cancer Centre in Australia used a grape to show just how precise robots can be when performing surgery. The reason why they chose to operate on a grape isn't entirely clear but we've got some juicy memes as a result. The video of the entire procedure is actually pretty impressive.

Hopefully, this continues for a few more days as people are just starting to get creative with the meme. If you haven't witnessed any of the creations yet, have a look below at some of our favorites.