THEY. Celebrate The Return Of Guitar In Hip-Hop, Talk Songwriting & More

Mitch Findlay
November 19, 2018 15:17

THEY. slide through to talk guitar, ghostwriting, and more.

Today, we're pleased to share an interview with Los Angeles based duo THEY, fresh off the drop of their Fireside project. The pair kick things off by reflecting on the renewed importance of the guitar, especially as it pertains to hip-hop and r&b. "I know we started it off a little bit, three-four years ago when we dropped that Nü Religion EP", says Drew Love. "I definitely don't want to take all the credit for it, but I definitely didn't hear too many people doing that before we started. Still, it's cool to see the growth of it, through the Uzi's and the Juice WRLDs, and you got Post, continuing to use it. It was about time."

Dante Jones elaborates, saying "we were always making guitar driven music from the jump, even before we got into the game. It was a natural thing for us." Like his creative partner, he's not willing to take credit, though he does recognize his position as one of the first pioneers of the wave. Still, his approach is that of a utilitarian. "It's good for music in general," he says, praising the distorted sound. 

The duo also talk about the controversial topic of "ghostwriting," which stands among the harshest criticism one can level at an opponent. Yet Love is here to dispel the stigma, speaking on behind-the-scenes song-crafting as a creative, and collaborative endeavor. "I've written for Jeremih and Jason Derulo, I work alot with Ty and Wiz," says Love. Still, Jones believes that nothing is as fulfilling as pushing one's own agenda. "I always found it's good to collaborate, but there's nothing better than having your own vision, and executing it all the way through." 

For more from THEY, check out the interview right here. 

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