Reebok has been doing its best to catch up with Nike and Adidas while holding off a quickly rising Puma brand. Their latest effort has them going super high fashion by teaming up with Vetements, a high fashion brand worn by Kanye West and other superstars. Aside from being popular with the in-crowd, Vetements are known for making really expensive stuff, and these Reebok Insta Pump Furys are no different. They are currently available for £525, or $638 USD.

Everyone have a different threshold for what’s too expensive, but you’ve gotta question anyone who’s willing to spend over half a rack on a pair of shoes that look like they’ve been drawn on by an angsty middle schooler, with phrases like, “Im bored” and “No Future.” We’re sure someone will bite based on the name brand alone (not Reebok’s).

Vetements' last collaboration with Reebok retailed for a slightly more reasonable $350. They made headlines last year when Snoop Dogg discovered they were selling a $924 shirt with his face on it. He was not amused.