It's hard to believe Kevin Hart has time for anything else considering he's constantly shooting commercials, films, stand-up specials and the like, but he and Nike already have another signature sneaker in the works.

The world's highest paid comedian recently confirmed that he's working with Nike on a "Hustle Hart 2" sneaker, which will surely be a sneaker meant for running, working out and other pro-health activities. 

Speaking with Power 105's Breakfast Club, Hart said:

"Working on the Hustle Hart 2 now. I don’t believe in doing things just one time, so my relationship with Nike is on going. And right now, you know this whole Move with Hart movement is taking us to a different place, a different direction where the people that I’ve got to invest in the vision of simply working out and being healthier are now embarking on the same journey as me."

Over the Summer Nike released three separate colorways of the Nike Hustle Hart, a cross training sneaker, making him the first comedian with a shoe deal. That's a great achievement in itself, but the kicks were actually dope so we're looking forward to what he and Nike have in store for the sequel.

If you missed his Breakfast Club interview, you can listen to it in its entirety right here.