Whether you prefer to order from Uber Eats, Postmates, DoorDash, or another food delivery service, there's a decent chance the person bringing you your meal had a little taste in the car. If you drive Uber as a side hustle, maybe you can provide some insight into this. According to a new survey conducted by US Foods, over one-quarter of all delivery drivers polled have admitted to tasting a client's food before delivering the goods. That means that the next time to order in, you might want to consider copping a larger portion since you might actually be sharing.

As reported by Complex, a Jimmy John's delivery driver was caught on camera having a sip of his customer's drink before they answered the door and it prompted a mass survey to be conducted. You may not think that your driver is gonna steal a french fry out of your McDonald's bag but this actually happens way more frequently than you'd like to believe. The report reads that 28% of drivers that were polled admitted to creeping through your dinner before ringing the doorbell. 

One suggested fix has been tamper-proof labels, which some fast-food restaurants have already started using. However, some restaurants don't have the means to keep up with production costs or special packaging. Are you scared to order in now?

Jack Taylor/Getty Images