Most people have seen (and laughed at) the increasingly specific dating sites that began popping up a few years ago. If you haven’t, get a taste of Farmers Only, Equestrian Cupid and Singles With Food Allergies. Those are just a small sampler, but High There! might be the most modern one yet: a dating app specifically for people who really like to smoke weed.

The app launched at the beginning of last year, but they’ve only recently started to see results in the form of long-term relationships and marriage proposals. CEO Darren Roberts told Complex the app’s biggest success came from giving people “a way to connect with others like them without stigma,” mostly via a newsfeed called JOINTS. Nobody wants their grandmother seeing their Facebook posts about marijuana legalization.

With weed legalized in a bunch more states, perhaps the app will actually take off. It already has over 400,000 users globally, including states that don’t have legalized weed. At the very least, they haven’t run out of weed-based puns. However, isn’t it a bad idea to base your entire relationship on a single interest? These two don't think so, but let us know what you think in the comments.