The mystery of "Wolves" continues. Kanye first unveiled a version of the song during an iconic performance on SNL 40 in February of last year. The song featured Vic Mensa and Sia, who both joined him on stage. An official version of "Wolves" wouldn't be heard until a year later, when, on February 11, he played his new album, The Life of Pablo, to a sold-out crowd at MSG. The version of "Wolves" he played then, the one that would remain on the album upon its release a few days later, featured vocals by Frank Ocean and classical singer Caroline Shaw, and none from Mensa or Sia. 

On February 14, the day of the album's release, Kanye seemed overwhelmingly confident about the near-perfection of The Life of Pablo, though he sent out one tweet implying he wasn't totally satisfied with a particular song: "Ima fix wolves." 

A few days later, a relatively high quality recording of the original "Wolves" -- with Mensa and Sia -- surfaced online. Today, there has arisen the possibility of one more version of the song, which, for the most part, has been lauded in both of its current capacities. The rumors of the latest version, though -- well, let's just say: if true, it sounds like the most exciting "Wolves" yet. 

Or, at least it's the most star-studded. Complex was digging into the KTT forum tonight and noticed that someone had screen-shotted a Snapchat from Cashmere Cat, one of the producers of "Wolves," that showed he was listening to a recording of "Wolves" that featured Drake and Björk. As of now, all we have are the screenshots showing the track's collaborators (see above), and no recordings of any music. 

Drake was credited on two tracks on The Life of Pablo, though they haven't rapped (or sang) on a record together since the non-album version of Big Sean's "Blessings." Shortly after the SNL "Wolves" premiere, Kanye West revealed he and Drake had discussed doing a joint album using the title, so the case for an official version with Drake is convincing. 

As for Björk, who would've thought the legendary singer, actress, video artist, and all around leader of the avant-garde would appear on a Kanye West song? Well, the man who revealed the potential collab, Cashmere Cat, hails from Norway, the Scandinavian neighbor to Björk's native Iceland, so it does make some sense. 

Who wants to hear yet another "Wolves"?