Theophilus London got himself arrested and locked up last night in New York City. Usually when this happens, the cops take your phone. This was not the case for Theophilus. “I’m so sexy they allowed me to tweet," he wrote from behind bars.

He used the social platform to explain how he got himself into this predicament, in jail wearing $1500 jeans: he broke the phone of a taxi driver who refused to give him change for a $100 bill.

“I only had 100s on me and he didn’t want to break the change,” he explained. “So he tried to keep my hundred while screaming in my face, so I gave him 5 mins to make change. After I counted down to 1, I took his phone and smashed it into 900 pieces, then I ran into the IFC Movie cinema and the cops ran up on me.”

He proceeded to live tweet his jail experience. “Some dude in my cell just told me if he was a girl he would fuck me,” he wrote. “Shit is getting weird. I asked him if he was gay. He in for grand theft... I low key feel like I’m in a museum. Pee smells. Cig butts, fingerprinted me, and mug shot. I tried not to smile.”

He was released later that night. See his full battery of tweets below.