Anticipation is high following rumors that Toronto mega-star The Weeknd's album was nearly complete, and that it may be dropping as soon as tomorrow. However, a recent discovery by a London fan has lent credibility to both those theories. 

A billboard, posted in London's Shoreditch district, shows a red portion of a face. The text on the billboard reads: My Dear Melancholy, New Album from The Weeknd, and what appears to say "Available now."

If all of this is to be believed, then whoever put up this billboard is probably going to be in a lot of trouble. Regardless, it's strong evidence that this rumored Weeknd album is real, and will be coming soon.

Soon after the billboard appeared online, another post was made claiming to be the official artwork for the new album. It comes from an anonymous source, so it's possible that this is just a very clever photo shop, but it does have enough of a resemblance to the billboard ad that one could reasonable believe that it could be real. 

The same twitter user alleges that the album will be dropping on Friday, as expected, but we wont know for sure until it drops or an announcement is made. The "Available now" on the billboard could honestly be referring to any unknown date.

Regardless, this is sure to bring the hype for The Weeknd's new record to even higher proportions. You can check out the advertisement and the album cover below, and let us know if you're excited for new music from The Weeknd.