The Weeknd's fans are real thirsty out here and the short clip of himself by the water that he posted on Twitter last night did not help. The scenic 11-second video captures a blistering sunset backdropping silhouettes of mountains and palm trees. There are some whining, fuzzy guitar chords adding to the idyllic setting, which seem to be emanating from a street performer in the bottom-left corner of the frame. No caption was provided for the video, so it seems the Toronto R&B sensation just wanted to share a nice moment with his followers. But this peaceful offering was shattered by the rabid fans in the replies demanding new music.

The Weeknd's last LP was Starboy, which released in November 2016 to great critical and commercial success. However, he also put out the six-track, My Dear Melancholy EP, just last year, so fans might be tripping a bit. Artists have taken longer hiatuses and the best projects usually come out of extended breaks. Furthermore, The Weeknd sent out a message confirming this when he recently retweeted his own tweet from 2015, in which he bluntly writes, "i work slower when i'm rushed." Abel even deleted his Instagram account to focus on the music and build anticipation. Chapter VI is on the way, people. Be patient, but if you're gonna harass The Weeknd, at least do so in a humorous manner. Examples are provided below.