By now, much has been made about The Weeknd's Grammy snub(s), whereupon neither "Blinding Lights" nor his After Hours album were recognized by the Recording Academy. In fact, The Weeknd actively took to Twitter to retaliate against the slight, accusing the organization of corruption among other unsavory claims. And while the fans were quick to mobilize behind the Canadian artist, one of his biggest votes of support arrived by way of Sir Elton John, who previously compared The Weeknd to the late, great Prince.

The Weeknd

Kevin Winter/Getty Images

"In my humble opinion," prefaces Elton John, one of the most acclaimed singer-songwriters in modern history, mind you. "'Blinding Lights' song of the year, record of the year." A massive co-sign, and one that should go a long way in dulling the sting of rejection The Weeknd is currently nursing. And rightfully so, given the nature of his pointed callout of the Grammys organization. And while it's likely that the rift between The Weeknd and The Recording Academy will take time to fully heal, it's still nice to see one of music's most iconic figures showing his support.

Though The Weeknd isn't exactly hip-hop per se, this latest co-sign is but one of many instances that Elton John has pledged allegiance to the culture. His longtime friendship with Eminem is no secret. In 2006, he collaborated with Timbaland on the Shock Value album closer "2 Man Show." He provided vocals and piano on Kanye West's "All Of The Lights," and showed major love to Young Thug for his "Rocket Man" sampling "High." He also recently connected with Future in the studio, among other notable rap co-signs. Suffice it to say, Sir Elton is no stranger to the rap game.