Last week, people were surprised to hear new music from Toronto rapper Nav. The lover of auto-tune shared a brand new EP, effectively coming out of retirement and announcing a brand new album on the way too. Nav originally decided to quit music after his friend Lil Uzi Vert dropped out but last week, he encouraged Uzi to try and figure out his situation so we could all finally hear Eternal Atake. With Bad Habits scheduled for release this week, Nav will officially make his return and it's set to be a momentous occasion for the entire XO camp because The Weeknd will be an executive producer on the album.

Cassidy Sparrow/Getty Images

Abel made the news, telling fans that "XO Vibes" are about to fill the air on Friday. If you've been waiting for new music from the Canadian crooner as well, you may not need to wait much longer. Although we're closing in on one year since My Dear Melancholy dropped, Weeknd has gone back to teasing his next album. "While Chapter 6 is getting cooked, I executive produced my brother @nav new album BAD HABITS dropping Friday," wrote Abel.

There are several pertinent pieces of news here. The first is obviously that Weeknd will be a prominent part of Nav's new body of work. If you look at it from a different perspective though, you may be more excited that Chapter 6 is still a thing. Do you think we'll be hearing a new album from The Weeknd this year?