The Weeknd is one of those megastars that everyone is always demanding music from. The last time we got a full-length project from The Weeknd, it was all the way back in 2016 with Starboy. Now, fans are looking for a lot more and they got near the tail end of 2019 as the artist dropped two singles: "Heartless" and " Blinding Lights." The visual for "Heartless" has already been released and now, fans are waiting for the "Blinding Lights" music video.

Recently, the Canadian singer took to Twitter and Instagram with an image of himself and a woman with the caption "tomorrow." Based on his other Instagram posts, it appears as though the singer is gearing up to release a music video and fans are extremely excited.

It remains to be seen what this video is for, exactly. Of course, the most likely option is that it's specifically for "Blinding Lights." Some fans are optimistic that this could actually be for a new track that no one has ever heard before. Either way, it's safe to say we're excited to see what Abel is about to hit us with.

Stay tuned for updates on what The Weeknd drops tomorrow as we will be sure to bring them to you.